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Do You Need a Breast Augmentation of Breast Lift?

If you asked your friends to name three plastic surgery procedures off the top of their heads, the “boob job” would definitely make the list. And that’s not just folk wisdom. Statistics show that the breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States, with the breast lift falling not far behind. The versatility of these procedures goes a long way towards explaining their popularity. There are many problems that a “boob job” can fix!

If you identify with these common reasons for getting a breast augmentation or lift, you might be a good candidate for surgery:

You’ve shed some pounds.

Most women are happy to say goodbye to tummy rolls, mom arms, and thick thighs, but major weight loss can also mean losing weight in unexpected places, like your breasts. As the fat in your breasts melts away, they will lose some of their shape and firmness. Loose skin and drooping nipples are a dead giveaway that your breasts have been affected by weight loss. A breast augmentation uses implants to restore the volume of your breasts. The implants will instantly improve the shape and tone of your breasts, giving you the confidence to own your post-weight-loss body. If you want to correct for breast drooping as well, a breast lift can enhance the results.

You’re a new mother.

There are plenty of books to teach you “what to expect when you’re expecting,” but you probably don’t know as much about how your body will change after your baby is born. During your pregnancy, you saw your breasts stretching as your body prepared to produce milk. You may even have been excited about the change! But remember: what goes up must come down. When breastfeeding is over, your breasts begin to shrink. Loose skin and drooping nipples are just another thing you’ll have to worry about as a new mom. Fortunately, there’s a quick fix. Breast augmentation can refill your breasts, so you get to keep your full, perky look.

You’re dissatisfied with your body’s proportions.

Every woman has her own body ideals. Some women prefer flat, athletic chests, while others dream of bombshell breasts. Then, of course, there are women who just want to balance the body that nature gave them, mirroring wide hips with a slightly larger chest or correcting asymmetry in breast size or height, for example. Whatever your vision for your body is, breast implants or lifts can help you reach your goals.

You want to combat aging.

Wrinkles are probably the most famous sign of aging, but they aren’t the only place that droopy skin becomes a problem. As you age, your muscles lose strength, and your skin loses elasticity. It’s a double-whammy that is especially visible in your breasts, since they no longer have the support to keep the weight of your breast tissue in place. But you don’t have to surrender to time–or gravity. A breast lift procedure can reinforce the muscles in your chest and trim loose skin to give you a firm, youthful look.

You’re reclaiming your body after cancer.

Cancer can derail your life, but it doesn’t have to leave permanent scars. If breast cancer forced you to undergo a mastectomy, breast augmentation can replace your breasts, sparing you from a daily visual reminder of your fight with cancer and giving you back a sense of ownership over your body.

Which procedure is right for you?

The answer is surprisingly simple. If you’re going for a change in the size or shape of your breasts, augmentation is right for you. If you’re more focussed on the position and height of your breasts, a lift will be more effective. And if you want your breasts to be both fuller and higher? No worries. You can always combine the procedures.

“The pencil test” is a great way to evaluate your need for breast surgery. Take a pencil and place it high up in the fold where the bottom of your breast meets your chest. If the pencil stays there when you let go, your breasts are beginning to droop. If your nipple falls below the pencil, your breasts are significantly droopy. If this bothers you, then it’s time to call a plastic surgeon!

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