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I Can Get Liposuction Where?

Anywhere you can pinch a roll of fat, liposuction can suck it away. The possibilities are (theoretically) endless, but if you want to see dramatic results, you should keep the strengths and limitations of liposuction in mind.

Let’s start with the strengths. There are two big reasons why people love lipo. First, the results are semi-permanent. You’re not just burning fat. You’re removing the cells where fat is stored, making it difficult for fat to build back up in a region where you’ve had liposuction. Second, liposuction is minimally invasive. The incisions and tubes used during the procedure are small, and there’s no major manipulation of tissue. Liposuction usually has less scarring and better recovery time than procedures like a face lift or tummy tuck.

But, of course, there are limits to what you can do with lipo. It’s designed to treat small reservoirs of fat. Most people lose two to six pounds during a liposuction session, so it’s best if you’re already near your target weight before you get liposuction.

If you’re looking for areas where liposuction can have the most dramatic results, consider these:


It may seem like a “duh” answer, but there’s a reason why so many people turn to liposuction for their stubborn belly fat. The stomach is the most common dumping place for excess fat in the human body. It’s also one of the hardest places to disguise unwanted fat. Soft arms often go overlooked, and a big butt is considered desirable by many. But belly fat attracts a lot of unwanted attention.

Thighs and hips

When a region has a nickname like “love handles” or “thunder thighs,” you know it’s a likely candidate for liposuction. The thighs and hips are covered by a thick layer of fat cells, just waiting to pack away excess fat. Trimming down on that fat can have a significant impact on your body image. Dropping just a few pounds can get you into a smaller size of jeans. As a bonus, liposuction may be able to reduce the appearance of cellulite, a concern for many women when bathing suit season rolls around.


Believe it or not, bigger isn’t always better. While many people appreciate a curvy derriere, extra large butts come with challenges. Buying clothes, squeezing into a tight seat, and even walking long distances can be tricky. Liposuction can remove just enough weight to take the hassle out of having a big bootie without reducing your curves too much.


Most people experience a loss of muscle mass as they get older, and all too often, that muscle is replaced by fat. The results of this natural aging process are particularly visible in your arms, which tend to be more muscled at a young age. Using liposuction to get rid of “mom arms” will give you a youthful look–and you won’t have to be afraid of waving goodbye to the fat!

Cheeks and chin

Having a “baby face” or a “double chin” can make anyone look chubby, even if the rest of your body is slim. Unfortunately, the accumulation of fat around your face and neck is mostly controlled by genetics. Diet and exercise won’t do much to change that–but liposuction will! Liposuction is also a good choice for facial changes because it has less potential for scarring than other procedures, like a face lift.


If you’re a woman, your chest probably isn’t the first place you’d be worried about gaining weight. Men, on the other hand, have to worry about gaining weight in their chests and developing an embarrassing “man boob” situation. This prospect is so concerning that the chest is one of the top three most popular regions for men to get liposuction.


You might not see your back in the mirror as often as your front, but excess back weight is still uncomfortable. Liposuction can solve any worries you have about your back, whether its a bulge around your bra strap or a back roll that won’t fit into your jeans, leaving you with a sculpted look from every angle.

If you have concerns about fat anywhere on your body, talk to a plastic surgeon about liposuction. Chances are, lipo will be a viable option for you!

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