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Top 5 Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

When many people think of breast size, they think that bigger is always better, but those who have been blessed with larger than average breasts often disagree with this notion. While we perform breast augmentations to enhance breast size on a regular basis, we also see just as many patients looking to reduce their breast size to improve their quality of life. A breast reduction has the potential to improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being by providing multiple benefits to the patient. Here are the top five benefits we see most patients experience after having a breast reduction:

  1. Reduced Pain

Many women with large breasts experience severe pain which can be debilitating in their back, neck and shoulders. The heavy weight pulling them forward all day can create chronic pain in the spine and upper body, often sending patients seeking relief with over-the-counter pain relievers. After surgery, many women report that their evening pain after a long day is gone and that they sleep much better without pain keeping them up all night.

  1. Clothes Fit Better

Most of the cute clothing is designed for women with an average body type, not those with very large or very small breasts. After a breast reduction, finding outfits that look great and fit perfectly is much easier than before.

  1. Increased Physical Activity

If you have large breasts and you have tried to do any type of exercise, you know just how challenging it can be. When running, it is difficult to keep your breasts from bouncing, creating a situation that is both uncomfortable and awkward. High intensity workouts and yoga can also be difficult due to decreased movement and problems swinging weights around. After breast reduction surgery, it is much easier to make exercise part of your regular lifestyle, leading to a healthier you!

  1. A More Proportional Body

Many women with large breasts feel like their bust size is very disproportional to the rest of their body. With a breast reduction, the patient can choose the size of their new breasts and have a body which they consider to be perfectly proportional.

  1. Increased Confidence

Being more comfortable with their bodies is one of the biggest benefits for many women after having a breast reduction. No more totally obvious gazes from strangers at your breasts. No more wondering how others will think about the clothing you are wearing. After a breast reduction, many insecurities disappear and constantly being self-conscious about yourself becomes a fading memory.


If you are interested in having a breast reduction, we would love to talk with you! Dr. Huddleston can assess your personal situation to see if you are an ideal candidate for a breast reduction and help you determine if plastic surgery can help you achieve your goals. Some insurance plans may cover breast reduction when related to a valid medical reason, and we can discuss this possibility with you during your consultation. If you want to find out more, call us today at 423-245-7080!

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